On Tuesday, April 26th the coalition letter in support of the “Protecting Workplace Advancement and Opportunity Act” (S. 2707/H.R. 4773) was sent to all members of Congress. This bill would prevent the Department of Labor’s disastrous overtime regulation from taking effect and would direct the Secretary of Labor to conduct a more detailed economic analysis to determine the impact on an array of employers before proposing a new rule. The Robins Regional Chamber’s signature, along with that of 360 others, will make a strong statement, and we appreciate the leadership of our Chamber board of directors with us in support of this important legislation.

As you are probably aware, the proposed regulation would raise the salary threshold under which employees would have to be paid overtime for hours worked beyond 40 per week from the current annual level of $23,660 to $50,440. This is a major increase, which will force employers to decide whether to reclassify millions of employees to nonexempt status or increase their salaries to keep them exempt.  With your help, we can build the case that this proposed rule will not boost employees’ income, but instead will force employers to reduce employees’ flexibility, benefits, and growth opportunities. You can also read more  on the U.S. Chamber’s Above the Fold blog about how this rule could impact not just private employers, but nonprofits and state and local governments. For additional information and a summary on this issue please click here and  full comments are available here.

Attached through the link below is a final copy of the signed letter. We encourage you to send a copy to your members of Congress to let them know of your support.  Thanks so much for your partnership. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Coalition Letter