Robins Strong. We have had a front-row seat to witness our community spring into action to support our local businesses, healthcare workers, first responders, military personnel, and our essential workforce over the past few months. Our school system fed our kids – all of them. Citizens found innovative ways to support our nonprofit organizations and social service, produce PPE, and even deliver groceries and meals to the home-bound. It was a case-study for humanity at its finest.

As communities emerge from the aftermath of COVID-19 our nation faces a new crisis – one that is far more complex and a source of polarizing viewpoints. It is truly heartbreaking to see our country look and feel the way it does right now.

There is no place in our community or society for systemic racism. In Warner Robins and Centerville, as well as many other cities across our state and country, there have been peaceful demonstrations to honor George Floyd. These demonstrations were organized as a call-to-action to promote change throughout society. Organizers coordinated with local law enforcement and faith leaders to ensure the safety of participants and passersby.

Sadly, protests we have seen in other communities across our nation and even in our own state have not all remained peaceful. These communities experienced individuals who resorted to violence and vandalism.
While the short-term repair in those communities is just beginning, we know that damaging businesses and looting is not the answer. We are called to lead. As business leaders, conveners, and trusted voices in our community, we all have the opportunity to use that power to help. We need to find ways to foster open and honest conversations. Our actions to address and heal local communities and our nation are critical, and your Chamber stands with our community through this process in the days and months to come. Let us know how you are addressing this in your workplace. You can help us all be part of the solution.