We know these past six months have been like nothing you ever imagined and have made a lasting impact on your business and all the people who support it. Typically this time of year, our community anticipates the excitement of the GA National Fair, Mistletoe Market, and Christmas Made in the South. Sadly, none of those will go on as planned. In addition to the loss of the fun and excitement these experiences bring, the local economic impact of these canceled events is enormous. While it’s easy to focus on what is lost, we have to move beyond what feels like it was taken away from us to find opportunities. This is why we’re launching a call to action for our community to support our local, independent businesses and “Let’s Keep the Cheer Here” this holiday season.

The “Let’s Keep the Cheer Here” initiative will be promoted from October 1st through October 31st. All participating businesses will have a month-long promotion as well as a Deal of the Day. These deals will be featured in our Robins To Go Facebook Group (with 15,000+ members and growing daily). The advantages of supporting our local, independent businesses are obvious, but perhaps we need reminding.
  • When dollars are spent with local businesses, that money strengthens those organizations and helps stabilize the jobs they’ve created.
  • Those businesses and their employees in turn are better able to support local charities with their time and money.
  • Spending with independent, local businesses also allows business owners and their employees to provide for their families – ballet, piano, or karate lessons; soccer, little league, or cheer; back-to-school clothes or that first car.

Most people can understand and appreciate these positive impacts, but far too often the convenience “one-click” shopping for something we could find down the street wins out. Let’s all do our part to keep the “cheer here” this holiday season and think local before we make that next purchase! Check out what our participating business is offering ALL MONTH long, yes all month by clicking the link below!