2020: Is it 2 or 3 hurricanes at once?

This week I’m sharing a blog post from a friend of mine in the Chamber industry. This one really hits home for me. I pray that we not become complacent as things seem to return to “normal” and that each of us takes the time to prepare for whatever the rest of 2020 has in store for us. Be well ~ April

This time of year it’s hard to miss stories about historic hurricanes along with the news about those coming at us. In a documentary about Hurricane Irene, I witnessed a home video of what it’s like being in the eye of a hurricane which was surprisingly and unbelievably… calm. That created the premise for this blog.

Today, we’re seeing many of our friends on Facebook asking, “Who had Double Hurricanes on your 2020 Bingo Card?” Funny in a way, except of course for those… in the way. We pray these won’t be major storms like we saw with Katrina in 2005, but what’s that about a 3rd hurricane?

Weather rookies like me who have never been in the eye of a hurricane may get fooled and think it’s over only to be surprised and crushed by round two. Being that we are all “pandemic rookies,” my concern as we prepare for back to school and continued Stage 4 re-openings during “Hurricane COVID,” is that we don’t get surprised and hit harder by another round of infections, deaths, and shut-downs.

COVID-19 and all of the social unrest that has accompanied it over the spring and summer has been like a Stage 5 hurricane for everyone and my fear is that we are in the eye of this great pandemic storm instead of being in its aftermath. Don’t let your guard down.