Throughout the year, local Chambers and development partners have the opportunity to come together with state-wide counterparts and Georgia Chamber members at a number of their annual events.
This year, we want to ensure that our organization, as well as our community, is well-represented at these events. We would like to invite you to join our Board Chair and CEO at four key state and regional events listed in the table below.
Grand Gavel Reception
Monday, January 9
6:00 PM
GA Aquarium, Atlanta
GA Eggs & Issues
Tuesday, January 10
7:30 AM
GA World Congress Center, Atlanta
Middle GA Regional Economic Outlook
Tuesday, February 7
11:30 AM
Macon Centreplex
Congressional Luncheon
TBA Typically held in August
TBA Typically 10:30 AM
TBA Typically held at Macon Centreplex
This invitation is extended to top level investors, development partnerships, and Chamber Board members. The goal is to have a consistent group of influencers and business leaders attend all four events. If you are unable to attend a particular event, you may share your ticket with another company representative or let the chamber know and we will be happy to assist in finding a stand-in for you.
The one-time registration covers registration for all four events, meals, and official name tag. Participants may also have the opportunity to meet privately with our state representatives during our time in Atlanta. We also plan to attend the Georgia Chamber board meeting immediately following the Eggs & Issues Breakfast. Group photos will be taken at each of these events. These will be used on the chamber website, social media, and other strategic communication. In the event that more than 16 members wish to participate, we will work to fill additional tables.
THANK YOU for your commitment to this community and for your continued support of the Chamber.