PIVOT. It’s a term we have become all too familiar with over the past 9-10 weeks, but how deep (permanent) are your pivots? Many of us, the Chamber included, dropped our “normal” activities to address the pressing needs associated with COVID-19. Some of the more shallow pivots businesses made during this crises were temporary steps in response to new restrictions imposed at that moment in time. The deep pivots are the ones that will reshape us from the inside out.

Crisis allows, and often forces, us to see ourselves and our surroundings in new light. We identify problems or shortcomings that were always there, but never “needed” to be fixed before now. How will you address these challenges and navigate your new normal? More importantly, how can you not fix what’s broken now that know the extent of the issue? While the answer isn’t simple, there are certainly some measured steps we can all take to transform our organizations for greater resiliency.
In our interview with Charles Briscoe and Dr. Mindy Hartley last week, we discussed the importance of maintaining your regular check-ups and not ignoring the warning signs of a medical emergency out of fear. If you missed that interview, it’s worth a listen. LISTEN HERE

Let’s apply this same advice about our health to the health of our businesses. Deep pivots require introspection to make sometimes small, but important changes that will alter our trajectory. These transformations require us to rethink, retool, and reimagine. What lasting changes will you make in your business? How about our community? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so we can build a better tomorrow together.