Have you heard about the Robins Cup? Founded in 2012 by General Ron Smith, Representative Shaw Blackmon, Mark Byrd & Chad Bryant, this highly-anticipated tradition brings together leaders from Robins Air Force Base and the community for a Ryder-Cup style day of relationship-building over 18 holes of golf. This signature event is hosted annually by the Robins Regional Chamber Military Affairs Committee for 36 senior leaders from the Base to face-off with 36 community leaders in a two-person scramble, match play event.

What is at stake? The “coveted” Robins Cup! The Robins Cup, and associated bragging rights, is retained by the winning team until surrendered in a subsequent annual Robins Cup challenge. Traditionally held in April each year, this year’s Robins Cup was postponed due to COVID-19. As anticipation of being able to host the tournament once again built, our world changed before us. With the impact of COVID on our community, we saw citizens come together to help neighbors, front-line workers, and strangers through uncertain times. As social and political issues began to once again divide our nation, our community rallied once again through prayer events, peaceful protests, and intentional dialogue about tough issues. Through all of this, we remained Robins Strong.

The Robins Cup is steeped in tradition of playing up rivalries between captains and teams. The Base went home with the Robins Cup for the first three consecutive years. In 2015 the community claimed the cup for the very first time and was able to hold on to it for one more year before losing two consecutive years. Last year the community fought to bring the cup back across the fence; and then this year – this year was like no other. We abandoned our traditional Red and Blue Team hats and brought everyone together under the “Robins Strong” moniker with no real thought for which “team” would win this year.

Both teams brought out ringers and battled to the very last hole. Once the scores were in, the results stunned us all. It was a tie. Only once before has this happened, and the “bylaws” call for the captain’s teams to replay their final hole to determine the winner. But everything about this year was already so different, why not celebrate that? So that’s exactly what we did. The captains huddled briefly, recognizing the significance of this moment in time, and decided to honor the opportunity to once again celebrate unity in their decision. Robins Strong for the win!