I was re-watching an episode of Ozark last night – don’t judge 😉 And in preparing to write this message encouraging us all to get back to what matters most this scene has played over and over in my mind. If you’re not familiar with the show, this will give you context for the dialogue.
MARTY: I hope you’re proud of yourself.
AGENT MILLER: I don’t know. Depends. What’s the topic?
MARTY: What do you think your bosses are gonna say when you gotta release Sam Dermody in a day because you don’t have enough evidence to hold him?
AGENT MILLER: I think you’re using him to launder money.
MARTY: Well, I think you’re using him to put pressure on me, you know. I also think that you no longer care about who you scare,who you hurt. I think that you’re Agent Evans. Or Petty. I don’t think you give a ___ about whose life you destroy or if the charges are b___.
AGENT MILLER: You don’t get to be self-righteous with me.
MARTY: I mean, it’s not against the law to lose money in a casino.
AGENT MILLER: No, it’s not. Money-laundering, on the other hand…
MARTY: You took this job…to do some good. Am I right? And yet, I have given you really solid information about cases that you care about, and you haven’t taken it. Have you ever stopped to think about why?
AGENT MILLER: I’m not gonna be compromised by you.
MARTY: It’s not about me, and it shouldn’t be about you, either. You know, it should be about
all of us trying to do the good that we can do, right now. Your bosses understand that you know? But you think you’re above that. You’re dragging Sam off? For what? You’re waiting for the world to change to fit your pristine belief system, and it’s just never gonna happen. What will happen is that you’re gonna lose your career, Maya. But hey, you’ll be right.