The Warner Robins Police Department has recently proposed a change to the city’s security camera ordinance. The proposed city ordinance will require business owners to turn over security footage within an hour of the crime being reported. The Police Department says it often takes several hours or even a day to get their hands on surveillance footage when they could have the chance of sending accurate and detailed descriptions to on-duty officers all over the city.  In addition to the one hour window, the Police Department also wants businesses to save video footage for 90 days and impose penalties for those who repeatedly fail to hand over video within the hour.

A city ordinance requiring businesses to hand over surveillance footage within an hour may pose problems for local business owners. Michael Collins, Chief Operating Officer at Total Computer Solutions, weighed in on the issue in an interview with 13WMAZ. Collins says “not everybody that works for the company is going to know how to operate the DVR properly to get the information off it”. If the city ordinance is passed, businesses in Warner Robins are advised to train managers and staff on a protocol for ensuring surveillance footage is handed over within the hour. The City Council is expected to vote on the amendment at the September 5th meeting.


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