Youth Leadership Robins Region (YLRR) is a leadership program for selected high school juniors at Northside High, Warner Robins High, Houston County High, Veterans High and other home and private schools in the region. It exposes young leaders to the elements that form a strong dynamic community and encourages their input and creativity. It makes students aware of the many opportunities for them to remain in the Robins Region after their post-secondary education. This program is designed to contribute to the development of future leaders. It is managed and sponsored by the Robins Regional Chamber and has been approved by the Houston County Board of Education.

Program participants’ selection should be based on character, interest in the community and the desire to shape ideas and attitudes in others. Participants may or may not be leaders currently, but their teachers and counselors believe they have a great potential to lead in the future.

The Youth Leadership Robins Region Program has six major goals:
  • To provide the participants with a greater awareness of contemporary community issues through study of, and interaction with, key centers of community influence.
  • To increase the participants’ awareness of the greater needs of the community, its opportunities, problems and resources.
  • To strengthen the concept of teamwork in the analysis of problems, formulation of solutions and achievement of common goals.
  • To enhance communications skills and cultivate decision-making abilities.
  • To emphasize the importance of maintaining an ongoing stream of emerging community leadership so that we are better able to address future challenges and opportunities.
  • To provide a vehicle through which the leadership potential of exceptional young people might be recognized by their peers and by existing leaders.

Youth Leadership Robins Region is open to juniors at Northside High School, Warner Robins High School, Houston County High School, Veterans High School, Houston County Career Academy and home-schooled and private schooled juniors in the Robins Region.  A maximum of twenty-six individuals will be appointed to participate in the program.

The program consists of 9 full-day class trips, August through April to various sectors of influence in the Middle Georgia community in addition to a welcome reception and graduation ceremony. Students are given excused absences from their regular classroom schedules in order to participate in each of the class trips.

Interested students at Northside, Warner Robins, Houston County, Veterans or Westfield Schools may obtain applications from his/her school counselor.  Home-schooled or students attending other private institutions may obtain an application from the Robins Regional Chamber.

For additional information, contact us at or 478-922-8585.