Robins Works

Robins Works is a strategic initiative of the Robins Regional Chamber to connect employers and job-seekers, share industry trends, and provide access to resources for career opportunities. This shared resource provides engagement opportunities through our exclusive Facebook group, online & digital resources, and interactive virtual programming.


Building upon the phenomenal success of the Chamber’s job fair series, we are excited to announce Spring and Fall Sessions for 2023! Our 3 previous job fairs brought out a combined total of 1800 job-seekers to meet with nearly 100 employers representing businesses and industries of every shape and size. If you have positions to fill, this is the place for you! Meet job-seekers and have an opportunity to showcase your business in front of potential candidates and the business community.

For openings from the latest job fair here’s a link to our participating employers.








Livability Magazine showcases the best places to live around the United States. The publication, in partnership with the Robins Regional Chamber, offers Top 10 lists, articles, data, and more about Middle Georgia. Livability Magazine tells the story of the Robins Region’s best assets and answers questions of potential residential and business prospects. Our Chamber businesses are included in articles, photos, and advertisements within the magazine.








Robins To-Go is your go-to resource for the 4-1-1 on the (478). Through this local Facebook group, our aim is to connect people and local businesses, highlight charitable needs in our community, and promote events/activities taking place in our surrounding area. Whether it is a recommendation for in-home service, discovering a new restaurant, or highlighting a local event, Robins To-Go is the go-to source for the information you need. The purpose of this group is to provide a positive community to extend the mission of the Robins Regional Chamber to be the catalyst for business growth, convener of leaders & influences who make things happen, the connector of people & resources, and champion for a stronger community.