The Chamber received an email from Chris Brown, Principal of Veterans High School regarding a “school spirit scam” targeting local businesses in Houston County.

From what I am told the National High School Printing Association is a business that is posing as if they are helping the schools raise money. A business owner contacted me about this and stated they were contacted about raising money for VHS- see attachment. We have not requested their services. I am passing this information to you all in case you would like to inform our local businesses about this potential scam. If you read their Google reviews it appears something is not adding up. We greatly appreciate the support we get from our Chambers and local businesses and do not want someone ruining our partnerships.”

Houston County Board of Education officials and school principals have been contacted to see if any of them were aware of the issue or had any current projects with the company. None of them are working with this particular business.

Business support for our local schools and community organizations is a vital component of the quality programming and events offered in the Robins Region. Please be diligent as business leaders when approached about participating in these types of endeavors. Contact the Chamber, the Board of Education or the school in question directly to ensure your hard-earned money is going to support what matters most to you!

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