We can’t sit around waiting on things to happen. It’s time to make things happen! Will you join us?

We are working on something really exciting and want you to be the first to know. After typing three pages of text about it, I realized it would be quicker (and far more effective) to just make a quick video to tell you all about it. Let us know what you think and if we can count on your participation!

As for what’s next, the Chamber board has our planning retreat with Georgia Chamber President & CEO Chris Clark in just a few weeks. Originally scheduled for June, the goal of this retreat was (and still is) to prioritize the mission-critical work of the Chamber in an ever-changing business environment. The past five months have truly shown us not only what we are capable of as an organization and a community, it has also put a spotlight on some real needs in our business community and the opportunity for us to do something about them. Our “next steps” will be an evolution, just like the past five months have been. In a “normal” year, we would have already solidified dates on our calendar for most of our programs and events and published our sponsorship guide for next year. This year has been anything but normal, but we believe what we do (and don’t do) in 2021 must be evaluated based on providing exceptional value and support to our members as we serve as the voice of business for the Robins Region. So we ask for your patience as we navigate our next steps and welcome any and all input you have as we reimagine the best version of the chamber and plan for a bright future!