By Angie Gheesling

On May 10, Governor Kemp announced the $30,000,000 expansion of Interfor in Perry, Georgia. The construction industry is hot and lumber supply and pricing is the topic of the day. In most areas of the country, there is a housing boom. Both new construction and pre-owned homes are hot commodities. The pandemic has presented an interesting scenario for many communities as many companies have given people the opportunity to work from anywhere. This appears to be a trend that will remain post-pandemic. The locations which have an attractive quality of life are proving to be the winners. Homes are selling within 24 to 72 hours. Most of the buyers find themselves in a bidding war to secure the purchase. This experience is also present in the Houston County real estate market.

Interfor is leading the way in keeping up with market demand. The latest expansion for Interfor will increase both the log consumption and the lumber production at the mill. Governor Kemp remarked, “It is great to see a lumber industry leader like Interfor continue to reinvest in the state…” The Company has always been proactive in staying ahead of the curve. The Development Authority assisted Interfor with a $15,000,000 expansion in late 2019. The result of this investment was an increase in efficiency and the need to add the equipment associated with this recent expansion allowing them to keep up with increased production. In 2016, the Development Authority partnered with the company on a $20,000,000 expansion. These three expansions over six years total more than $65,000,000.

Interfor is a top-tier community partner as is evidenced by their outreach and support of the people of Houston County and the surrounding areas. The employees of Interfor are given opportunities to advance their skills and their positions within the company. The company employs more than 1,200 people in Georgia. Their support of their people and their community is seen statewide. This is why Interfor was one of Georgia’s nominees for Manufacturer of the Year.

“The expansion represents more growth and success for one of our top employers. It also highlights a healthy environment of consistent support of industry and community. We are grateful for the company’s confidence to invest in Houston County and for the partnership opportunity.” ~ Ben Hulbert, Chairman, Development Authority of Houston County