The Robins Regional Chamber recently hosted a special reception to honor 24 exceptional high school juniors who were selected by their schools for the prestigious Robins Leads Youth Leadership Program. Students apply for the program in the spring of their sophomore year in high school and are selected based on character, interest in the community, and the desire to shape ideas and attitudes in others. The kick-off event was held in the Roy H. “Sonny” Watson Health Sciences Building at Central Georgia Technical College on August 22nd.

Meet the Youth Leadership Class of 2024

Houston County High School
  • Abi Bragg
  • Jason Lai
  • Joshua Meservey
  • Addie Paige Munn
  • Catherine Nix
  • Summer Thorpe
Home School
  • Maddie Jermone
Northside High School
  • Rob Barrett
  • Bryson Carter
  • Calvon Clark
  • Remie Heide
  • Justine Whitest
Veterans High School
  • Savannah Bassett
  • Raegan Bourke
  • Lauren Cornelius
  • Gabby Gilbert
  • Tristan Smith
  • Max Walker
Warner Robins High School
  • Rashad Abrams
  • Will Davis
  • Aidan Hunt
  • Kennedy Jacobs
  • Taylee Julkes
  • Amaya Myers

The Youth Leadership program offers young leaders the opportunity to explore the key elements that make our community strong and vibrant. It encourages their input and creativity, while equipping them with the tools necessary for future leadership roles. By participating in this program, students gain awareness of the countless opportunities available to them in the Robins Region after completing their post-secondary education. 

Special remarks were made during the program by April Bragg, President & CEO of the Robins Regional Chamber. “Our youth leadership program is truly one of the most impactful things we do, giving students real-world insight into career opportunities and a glimpse into how a community works. Investing.” 

The Youth Leadership Robins Region program exposes young leaders to the key elements that form a strong and dynamic community and encourages their input and creativity.  Additionally, program participation increases students’ awareness of community needs, strengthens teamwork and communication skills, and cultivates their decision-making abilities. Youth Leadership Robins Region is presented by the Robins Regional Chamber, with the support and endorsement of the Houston County Board of Education and Westfield Schools. 

By investing in these promising young leaders, we are contributing to the development of future leaders who will have a positive impact on our community. Join us in celebrating their achievements and supporting their journey towards becoming influential leaders in the Robins Region.