Several weeks ago in the long hours after the Governor’s press conference, as we all waited anxiously for something official to come out explaining the parameters of a “shelter in place,” I shared this nugget of advice with the 13,000 equally anxious members of the Robins To-Go Facebook group.

My point about “pants with a button” is all about personal discipline. Here were are three weeks later with tomorrow close in sight. Most of the businesses forced to close with the shelter in place will be allowed to reopen on Friday of this week or Monday of next week following the twenty minimum basic operation requirements. Some of these requirements will force us to examine every aspect of our interactions with team members and customers in great detail. Take the time to discuss these with your team now. Develop processes to ensure consistent adherence to the safety and sanitation requirements. To help, we have developed several resources for you to use to promote these in your workplace and are working diligently to identify and curate mid-scale supply chains for PPE and other sanitation requirements.

As you navigate through the coming weeks, it is important not only to maintain these standards; but also to keep in mind that every life – every customer, employee, contractor, supplier, relative, or friend – has their own personal circumstances that shape their beliefs about reopening the state and flattening the curve. Let’s all be mindful of practicing mutual respect – to continue to put people before politics and relationships before rebuke. I challenge you to find the good. What new strength did you discover in yourself? in your business? in your team? What worked better virtually or remotely than maybe it did before you were forced to change your operating procedure? Return to the things bring joy and stability for your business and still make sense; but hang on to the good that has emerged from all of this and find ways to embrace that too.

The U.S Chamber released their National Return to Work Plan last week. It is filled with important topics for business leaders to consider as you resume or scale up your operations and interaction with the public, including legal, OSHA and HIPPA regulations that should be considered in decision-making.

Please continue to let us know how we can best support you through this transition and beyond as we recover together (six feet apart). Keep washing your hands, maintain social distancing, and all the things. Choose your path, and let’s try to all grant an extra measure of grace when dealing with others who choose a different one. The world will be better for it.