We believe the most efficient way to impact our community is to give our community members an opportunity to help us identify its needs. Each year, the Leadership Robins Region (LRR) Class selects, plans, and executes a community project in the interest of leaving a lasting and visible impact across the Robins Region. Past class projects include fundraising and refurbishing a Salvation Army Safe House, supporting Westside Elementary’s STEM initiative with a school greenhouse and outdoor classroom, and renovating Happy Hour Service Center’s Life Skills Workshops. Now is your turn to give us your ideas for the 2018 LRR Project. In order to be eligible for consideration, proposals must be submitted by 4:00 pm on February 13th.


LRR Class Project Requirements

  • The project must align with the mission of the Chamber. The mission of the Robins Regional Chamber is to promote the business interests of members through advocacy, building partnerships and education.
  • The project must have a lasting and visible impact on the community.
  • The project must have a sufficient scope to engage a leadership class of 25 participants in a meaningful way.
  • The project is not being addressed by another group. (For example, it was acceptable for a class to help the Salvation Army Safe House by refurbishing the house and providing a computer lab.  This filled a need that wasn’t going to be met if the class didn’t help.  It was not acceptable for the class to start a new program to feed the housebound elderly of the community because Meals on Wheels organization already exists to meet that need.)
  • The project must be finite and be completed by the end of 2018. (If the class’ portion of the project is concluded, but the project’s life continues as long as the project or its byproduct is taken over by another entity.  For example, one class funded and constructed equipment at a park that the City of Warner Robins agreed to maintain long-term.)
  • The project must have a sufficient scope to engage all class members’ participation in a meaningful way.