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FREE Continuing Education Programs

These programs are offered as part of the Central Georgia Technical College system, Office of Economic Development. Registration closes on June 30 for many of these free courses. For registration information, visit https://www.centralgatech.edu/ce .

Telework & IT Security

Webinar Recording: How to Secure a Safe Teleworking Environment

Responsible Re-opening

U.S. Small Business Administration

OK, Small Business Owner, What’s Next? With so much talk about the “the new normal,” what does this really mean and how will your business be impacted? What are the financial implications and changes that you need to be concerned about?

During this event, our panelists will discuss these issues and give examples of the kinds of decisions you will need to be making:

  • Do you have EIDL and/or PPP loans that your business will need to support?
  • Have you updated your revenue and expense projections to thrive in the new economy?
  • Are your vendors going to be able to supply you with the volumes and prices that you have traditionally experienced?
  • Will your staffing needs change to serve a changed mix of online vs. in-person customer transactions?
  • Has your competitive situation changed as a result of COVID-19 and how will that impact you and your customers?
Webinar Recording: OK, Small Business Owner, What’s Next? (Password: 2d^H21a7)

Next Generation Manufacturing

Webinar Recording: Protecting the Health & Safety of Your Employees and Operations: COVID-19: Health hazards, prevention, and OSHA Guidance: Webinar Recording | Q&A Documents | Presentation

Workforce Success


Best Practices for Working From Home with Zoom: Working from home definitely has its benefits but not everyone is accustomed to it. Whether you’re new to working from home or you’ve been doing it for years, it comes with challenges. To make working from home easier, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you get set up, limit distractions, maintain confidentiality, and meet like a pro, no matter where you are.

In this webinar, Zoom experts will cover:

  • Finding the right set up to look and sound your best
  • Must-know features to enhance team collaboration
  • Settings to ensure your meetings are secure
  • Work from home best practices to remain productive and focused
Webinar Recording: Best Practices for Working From Home with Zoom

Qualified Staffing

Employer webinar – Coronavirus and the New Workplace. We receive questions everyday regarding how the pandemic affects employers’ interactions with their employees. Due to the volume of those questions, we thought it would make sense to offer a practical, scenario-based webinar that addresses:

• Illness & Prevention in the Workplace
• Hiring and Return to Work Issues During COVID-19
• Paid Sick Leave under FFCRA/FMLA Benefits
• Wage & Hour Issues – especially in a work-from-home environment
• Predictions on how the workplace will look as we come out of the pandemic

Webinar Recording: Coronavirus and the New Workplace

Spherion Staffing

Building Inclusive Environments Amid COVID-19. Floss Aggrey at Spherion, shared insights to help you and your team adjust and plan for the future.
During the presentation, Floss covered:
• Why diversity and inclusion are critical to workforce planning (during COVID-19 and beyond).
• How to build diverse and inclusive environments in the workplace.
• How to measure the impact of your diversity and inclusion programs and efforts.
• Key steps to ensuring diversity and inclusion program success.

Webinar Recording: Building Inclusive Environments Amid COVID-19

Marketing & Advertising

Perry Productions and Lisa Perry Social – Social Media Webinar Series

Social Media Marketing Webinar Series, presented by Perry Productions and Lisa Perry Social. This 6 week series is FREE and occurs from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM on webinar dates.

Webinar Presentations:

Facebook Marketing: Webinar Recording | Presentation
LinkedIn Marketing: Webinar Recording | Presentation
Video Marketing: Webinar Recording | Presentation
Content Marketing: Presentation
Email Marketing: Presentation
Instagram Marketing: Presentation

Cox Media

Ask the Experts Series:

In the best of times, it can be difficult to find creative ways to reach your customers and grow your business. Add a global pandemic to the equation and it can be downright overwhelming.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received a lot of questions from local businesses on how to weather this storm and come out stronger on the other side. The questions vary, but all are looking for creative ideas. So we decided to tap into our powerful network of marketing minds to provide just that.

We invite you to join us every two weeks for a short conversation with a marketing expert who will address questions like:

  • How do I generate revenue when my doors are closed?
  • How can I ensure my brand authentically connects with people during this time?
  • What advertising tactics will give me the most bang for my buck right now?

Registration Link:

Generating Revenue When Your Doors are Closed: Webinar Recording

May 20 @ 1:30 PM: Connecting With Customers in New Ways

June 3 @ 1:30 PM: Reopening Your Business: Messaging & Considerations 

June 17 @ 1:30 PM: Registration Link (Content Title Coming Soon)

Owning and managing a local business during times of uncertainty can be overwhelming. As you try to do the right thing for your employees, your customers and your communities, you’ve probably had to make some difficult decisions.

In the midst of all of this, you may be considering how to keep your loyal customers engaged. If this is you, we’re here to help. We are partnering with Borrell Associates, a leader in delivering local business advertising insights, to host a 45-minute data fueled webinar that unpacks:

  • The current advertising landscape and past situations of economic uncertainty
  • The shift in consumer spending
  • The increase of media consumption throughout the country
Webinar Recording: Borrell Business Webinar

American Marketing Association

CMO Webinar: How are leading brands leveraging first party data to drive engaging customer experiences & business outcomes?: There’s an almost limitless amount of data available today. Consumers are generating millions of digital signals each day that can be captured, collected, and used to create more personalized interactions. Data-driven marketing enables marketing teams to spend more time on creative (48%) and create more targeted campaigns and personalized messaging (48%) according to Forbes. But are we using first-party customer data to full its potential?

Join leading retail marketers from forward thinking brands as they discuss:

  • Why creating a single customer view is crucial to driving business outcomes
  • How customers’ buying patterns, preferences, location, level of engagement, content preferences and more are driving better results from their communication
  • What programs and campaigns using first-party customer data are bringing success
  • Where brands are on their journey to connect the dots between numerous disparate interactions and touchpoints to create an omnichannel experience
  • How they are leveraging technology drive sophisticated marketing programs with increased automation and personalization
Webinar Recording: How are leading brands leveraging first party data to drive engaging customer experiences & business outcomes?

Golden Shovel Agency

Get Ahead of the Curve by Going Virtual: We understand more than ever that communities need to find alternative ways to showcase their assets. With the social distancing and travel bans, virtual reality tours are becoming the go-to method of allowing people to experience your community – without worry about travel restrictions. Join our PlaceVR team for how to create a memorable virtual experience.

Webinar Recording: Get Ahead of the Curve by Going Virtual

How to Use Website Analytics to Craft Your Message During the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond: Intuition alone will not get economic developers through the COVID-19 crisis. Leaders need to understand what content people are consuming and how to make sure your communication is crisp and razor sharp to reach your audience. In this webinar, we will review how to look at the website traffic to determine the best approach for communicating through the crisis.

Webinar Recording: How To Use Website Analytics to Craft Your Message During the COVID Crisis and Beyond: Webinar Recording | Presentation

Get Ahead of the Curve with a Communication Plan for 2020: This crisis will pass and communities that work to get heard now will be remembered after the crisis is over. In this webinar, we will explore how to position your content, website, and social media to best communicate within your community and with external audiences for the rest of 2020. Now is the right time to plan.

Webinar Recording: Get Ahead of the Curve with a Communication Plan for 2020: Webinar Recording | Presentation | Communications Plan Strategy Template

Google Webinars

Gain access and training to the latest free tools Google offers and make smarter decisions about your website and your online presence resulting in more leads, revenue growth, and customer loyalty. Led by Grow With Google Speaker and Trainer Demming Bass, these are “can’t miss” webinars customized for the businesses and nonprofits in your community with additional ideas and strategies on how to market online during the COVID-19 crisis.

Webinar Recordings:
Reach Customers Online With Google:  Webinar Recording
Using Data to Drive Growth: Webinar Recording


Wondering how to market your business during the economic downturn related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Consistent, clear communication with your customers is vital, so they understand when, how, and where they can still do business with you.

Join marketing maven and host of the Small Business Revolution, Amanda Brinkman, as she outlines actionable marketing strategies to help you weather the storm.

Webinar Recording: Marketing Advice to Combat an Economic Downturn